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Sophie Gillo - Artist

Hey Y'all!

I’m Sophie!

I am thrilled that you are here!

I have been on my creative journey for most of my life. I’ve been involved in art in various forms since I was a little kid. And along with that, I have always known that my future needed to involve creativity in some way. My soul longs for it.

I believe that our lives were meant to be inspiring and joyful, and full of creation. Even if it is not what you do for a living. Our souls thrive when we get to create. A different part of us comes alive.

My dream is for this to be a place of inspiration, empowerment, creativity, and LIFE.

What Do You Need?

Let’s get you inspired! Read up on finding inspiration, pushing through creative blocks, or what to do when you  don’t know what to do!

Let’s chat about the emotions that come with creativity, and how to recognize and cope with them.

Let’s Get Creating! 

Creative Journey - A look at the past, determination, and the need to feed the creative soul

New Beginnings

A look at the past, and hope for the future

Weaving Vlog - Weaving fiber art from start to finish

Studio Vlog No. 1

Watch along as a weaving unfold from start to finish.

I'm on YouTube!

Join me and watch some chill speedpaints, weaving and more!

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