The fear that comes with creating and some ways you can fight through it

The Fear That Comes With Creating…

How does fear get in your way?

Fear stops me from creating. A lot. It’s probably my greatest creative struggle. I’m afraid of creating something people don’t like, I’m afraid of not being as good as other artists, I’m afraid of trying a new technique or style and failing. For someone who wants nothing more than to live a creative life, I spend the majority of it being afraid to create. It’s completely insane. And yet, I know it’s a very common struggle. 

I admire so deeply the artists and makers and creators who put their content out for other people to see, every single day. Especially the ones who show their failures and their struggles. It takes guts to expose your fears to the world like that. 

I am unfortunately not one of those people. Yet. I hope to be one day. I want to be that brave, because those people inspire me now. I’d be honored to be able to do that for others one day too. 

But until then, I want to work towards finding ways to fight through my creative fears. I want to create, I want to fail, I want to learn and grow, and then create some more. And if you are reading this, you probably do too. So how can we do that? What can we try?

What can you do?

I’ve spoken before about making yourself sit down and fight through Creative blocks, setting a timer for yourself and just doing something, even if you don’t have a plan. I think that is still a really good first step. But what else? 

What about setting personal challenges? Like, I will create one quick 10 minute sketch a day, or I will post three mini videos this week. I think these kinds of things are always great in theory, but difficult to do if you don’t have someone to keep you accountable. That’s where a creative buddy could come in handy. Someone you know personally, meet online, or even get in touch with in the comments here…You can work together to support each other in your goals, and always have someone who’s got your back. 

Something I just recently started trying is to mimic someone’s style that I admire. I do not mean copy someone’s work and pass it off as your own. I mean mimic to study and learn, and then to adjust it until it becomes yours. Doing this has taught me a lot about my own style, which I believe is so important in gaining confidence in yourself and your skills.

So, let’s recap a bit. Here are some of my suggestions for starting to work through the fears keeping you from creating. 

  • Set a timer for 10 minutes and make yourself create something in that time period. It could be a scribble, a colored circle, and mini video, a quick journal entry, whatever!
  • Set a personal creative goal for the week. Find a buddy to keep you accountable. 
  • Do some research and gather inspiration on a creator’s style you admire. Try to mimic it and learn. 

Sharing your fears is a great first step

Now I want to hear from you. If you don’t feel like sharing in the comments, then please fee free to send me a message on Instagram or shoot me an email! We can chat about it, I can be your creative accountability buddy, or you can just let me know that you want to get your fears off your chest but don’t want to talk about them yet. That’s cool too. Whatever you need. 

If you do feel like sharing publicly, go ahead and comment below. Let us know what fears keep you from creating. Let us know what you do to fight through those fears. Or let us know that you could use some help. Post if you need an accountability buddy. Or just want some more creative friends. I’d be happy to post an updated list later on, of all the ways we can fight through our creative fears. 

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