Inspiration for Creative Projects

How to Find Inspiration For Creative Projects

Searching For Inspiration

Inspiration for creative projects can feel hard to come by. And it usually comes when you’re busy, or trying to sleep (in my experience) but it does eventually come.

There are definitely ways you can help it along though, and that is what I wanted to share now.

Inspiration can be found everywhere. There are fascinating colors, patterns, and textures all around us. There are beautiful images on everything. We have music, and the internet, and tv, and a seemingly inexhaustible amount of information available to us. So why not use all of that to your advantage? 

Enter Pinterest…

I am a huge fan of Pinterest for many reasons, but most importantly is that it allows me to save things that inspire me all in one place. My Pinterest has boards upon boards of inspiration for different things, everything from color palettes to patterns to specific projects. I save knowledge, projects I find fascinating that I would like to try and put my own spin on, information on topics that I find intriguing, like astrology or ancient cultures, and everything else that catches my eye.

So let’s start simply. If you don’t have a Pinterest account, go sign up now. It’s free. It’s amazing. I’ll wait…

Start Gathering!

Alright, all signed up? Good. Now let’s create a board. We will start with an easy one! Create a Color Inspiration, Color Palettes, Fave Colors, whatever you want to call it, board. Starting with colors is great because these can be used for literally anything. They inspire emotions, thoughts, moods, awesome ideas for your living room, your next book cover, your future business branding, Anything! 

Now hop over to Pinterest’s search bar and type in color palettes. You can search a bunch of different things for color ideas, but this is the best way to get started if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The next step is really easy. Do you see a color palette you like? Pin It! And then keep looking. Click on a pin you like, and scroll down to see other pins that might be similar. Pin like a crazy person! Then, go to your board, and look at all the gorgeous inspiration you have all in one place! Can you see what your favorite color is? Or do you see a moody palette that you pinned more than once? Do those colors make you want to paint, draw, knit, dance? Do you get the idea?

Pinterest is a Search Engine and Organizational Tool

During my time in art school, I used Pinterest to find artists. We would present artists for each type of project we were doing. This helped us learn more about what was possible with the techniques we were about to learn. I found screen printers, weavers, dyers, metalsmiths, sculptors, and more this way, that I still follow today. Studying people who create in a way that you find fascinating, or that you wish you could be like, is a great way to learn and grow. 

Nowadays, I use Pinterest to discover methods and techniques, to learn new things, and to find ways to create that I had never considered. I pin colors I love, fonts I love, digital paint brushes, art, different supplies I find interesting, artists who create things so beautiful that it makes me wonder what I’m even doing trying, (but in a good way), weaving patterns, embroidery stitches, people who capture magic. And when I feel uninspired, or when I need a little bit more of something before I start my next project, I hop over to my Pinterest boards and I search through and there is what I needed! I have created an inspirational sanctuary that I can delve into whenever I need to. I encourage you to do the same. 

*This also gives you the excuse whenever people say you’re on your phone too much. You are doing RESEARCH! You are welcome*

I hope this can kick start your gathering of inspiration for all your creative projects and dreams! How else do you find inspiration? Comment below!

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