Creative Blocks - A quick challenge to push through them and get creating again!

Powering Through Creative Blocks

Creative blocks are probably one of the most difficult things to deal with as a creative person. Feeling stuck, uninspired, and trapped is the worst feeling. And, in my experience, access to social media only makes it worse. Seeing everyone’s seemingly perfect art, perfect weavings, perfect pottery, whatever it is, makes it seem like all the creative energy in the world was passed to everyone else, but you. And the logical part of our brains knows that is a lie, but that is not really the part in control at the moment, is it? (Why do brains have to be so frustrating!)

What Can You Do?

Thankfully (!!!) you can break through creative blocks with a bit of effort! It can feel kind of icky at first, because trying to be creative when you aren’t feeling it, feels super weird. Like, why would I sit down and make myself paint if I have no ideas and no inspiration? That’s crazy talk. 
But it does work. Forcing yourself to sit and sketch, or put paint on paper, or doodle in the your journal or iPad will feel so weird and wrong, but eventually you will realize that you have some good ideas on the paper, or you love that random pattern you wove, or you created a really interesting texture in the clay that you’ve never used before. And suddenly, ideas will start flowing, and that block will start to melt away. 

Your Challenge

So, here is your challenge for the next time you feel that block. Make yourself sit down to work.  Set a timer for 10-15 minutes if that makes you feel better. And just do something. Draw vertical lines and fill a page with them, make a pinch pot, paint a bunch of random circles, take some yarn you love and make a simple pompom or tassel. Make your hands do something and see what comes from it.

Feel free to share what comes from these 10 minutes on Instagram! It’s inspiring to see people push past their struggles. Tag me so I can share them!

Happy Creating!

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