Fighting Through Fear - Push past your desire for perfection

Fighting Through Fear

I’ve been thinking a lot about perfection lately. The desire for it. What that desire stems from. How that affects me and my creativity, and my life in general.  It’s fear. It’s anxiety. And it’s getting in my way. I spend hours of my life researching how to do something perfectly, instead of trying and …

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Creative Blocks - A quick challenge to push through them and get creating again!

Powering Through Creative Blocks

Creative blocks are probably one of the most difficult things to deal with as a creative person. Feeling stuck, uninspired, and trapped is the worst feeling. And, in my experience, access to social media only makes it worse. Seeing everyone’s seemingly perfect art, perfect weavings, perfect pottery, whatever it is, makes it seem like all …

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Creative Journey - A look at the past, determination, and the need to feed the creative soul

New Beginnings

My Creative Journey Hey y’all! I wanted to start this whole thing by sharing a bit about my creative journey thus far, and why this is so important to me. Early Beginnings I’ve always enjoyed making things, and dabbling in different artistic mediums. I spent a lot of time learning a variety of ways to …

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watercolor painting

Studio Vlog No. 3

Welcome to Studio Vlog No. 3! This is another watercolor painting video! I painted this before quarantine got the better of me and killed my creativity for a bit. (Quarantine depression can suck it.) I found this amazing image on Instagram and asked if I could paint my version of it! I love the way …

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Watercolor Illustration

Studio Vlog No. 2

Welcome to Studio Vlog No. 2, a watercolor illustration! I started learning watercolor painting, something that I really struggled with up until recently. I actually used to hate it! I think sometimes you just have to be patient and let yourself fall in love with something at your own pace… Anywho, I combined watercolor and …

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Weaving Vlog - Weaving fiber art from start to finish

Studio Vlog No. 1

Welcome to Studio Vlogs! I’m excited to share my creative journey with you, so here it goes! This was actually released earlier this year, right before the world went crazy. Follow along with the weaving process from project start to finish!